THERE'S just one week left to collect points as part of Liverpool ONE'S Dinosaurs Unleashed experience.

The interactive game allows users to hatch, feed and train dinosaurs through an augmented reality app and will end on June 2 after a 10-week dinosaur invasion at Liverpool ONE.

Shoppers may have seen dinos on Chavasse Park or youngsters may have even had a talk with real-life rangers on hand to help people get the most out of their Jurassic experience.

Youngsters are being urged to climb as high as they can on the leaderboard to help their area come out on top.

Currently, Wirral is in second place with a score of 53,323 but is going to need 46,115 extra points to beat Liverpool at the top of the leaderboard.

To collect points all app-users have to do is hatch their dinosaurs at Liverpool ONE before feeding and training them.

Donna Howitt, marketing director at Liverpool ONE said: “We’ve been overwhelmed by the response to Dinosaurs Unleashed and it’s been fantastic to see families coming together to enjoy the experience.

“So many children – and grown-ups – have really thrown themselves into the app, which is evident from looking at the high scores.

"We’re hoping that, during this last week, we’ll see some healthy competition as children try and make their way to the top of the leader board.”

Teaching duo Teach Rex and National Museums Liverpool also partnered with Liverpool ONE as part of the event.

Donna added: “This experience has really encouraged families to get out in the fresh air and get active – in fact, the hunt takes around 2,500 steps to complete, so it’s good way to get moving as a family!

“The dinosaurs have certainly got people talking in the city – and beyond.

"We’re working on new and exciting ideas for the rest of the year so there’s plenty more to come for the whole family to enjoy.”

To download the app, search for ‘Discover at Liverpool ONE’ on the App Store or Google Play.