BACK to the future again ... tomorrow.

And I don't mean the news that the famous futuristic film franchise is becoming a stage musical.

I refer to the European elections.

Alas, we don't expect the same enthusiasm shown for our recent local council voting.

Friday is actually European Neighbours Day – how ironic. It was set up 20 years ago to promote "better living together."

It's not working – look at the Eurovision song contest.

Three years ago the country voted to leave the EU which, in an ideal world, would have meant we wouldn't need this expensive election.

We have all been bombarded with mass media analysis ever since - so much so that Newsnight should now be re-named Brexitnight.

This morning I received a letter from Vince Cable. How did he know my address?

It was a bit too familiar of the Lib Dem leader to open with "Dear Peter Grant" – I've never met the man.

Then again, I am disillusioned with politics.

But as John Lennon sang on Imagine: "You can say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one."

We are all tired with the tedious tug-of-war from our MPs and yet equally disgusted with the protesters who have been pelting politicians with milkshakes, eggs or - perish the thought - Brussels sprouts.

The collapse of cross-party talks was a massive setback but behind every cloud there is hope.

Our Wirral councillors should learn from the whole botched Brexit fiasco. Talk to each other and listen to what the public ask you to do.

New council leader Pat Hackett has said transparency and integrity are his "watchwords."

The residents of Wirral will certainly be watching his words, too.


BACK to the future - Part II.

Currently there is a satire called The Last Temptation of Boris Johnson - set in 2029.

BJ is an ex-PM who is asked to take Britain back into the EU – a re-entry. It even introduces a new word, "Brentry."

Don't panic - it's just a play.


BACK to the future - Part III.

Thumbs up to Wirral Borough of Culture’s spectacular event called The Witching Hour last weekend at Birkenhead Park.

But the Inferno asks why did there have to be a double-act with Hull?

Birkenhead's famous greenery has its own legacy but don't take my word for it.

I hereby quote this rave review from one of its greatest supporters.

"As the town increased in population, a park was laid out as a resort of recreation, under the designs of the late Sir Joseph Paxton.

"It is considered the most beautiful model park in the United Kingdom and now, when the saplings which he placed have grown to maturity, his conception must have exceeded his most sanguine expectations.

‘"Its principal entrance is by a noble gateway, consisting of a central and two side arches in the Iconic style, in imitation of the Arc De Triomphe at Paris, and the Temple of Illyssus at Athens, from the plans of a local architect, Mr Lewis Hornblower, for I write of the good old days when township did not consider it necessary to import its talent, but gave the natives a chance of displaying their capabilities.

"That the trust was not belied we have ample evidence; and genius in every sphere still abounds among us; and that is not brought forward to do service and credit to the is to the discredit of the powers who take boat and rail with their patronage.

"What town can be prosperous unless all its members work in a circle and combine to circulate the money among their own community?

"The effort would round to their own aggrandisement, for it would elevate the “status” of Birkenhead, and bar the flitting of every man of worth."

Thank you Hilda Gamlin for this peninsular piece of prose written in 1892 from the classic book Memories of Birkenhead.

Social observer Hilda also wrote ‘Twixt the Mersey and the Dee which is still regarded as the definitive Wirral reference book Cllr Hackett and all politicians, take note of her work.

You need look no further for a better guide on transparency and consultation when it comes to promoting the borough’s considerable and legendary home-grown talents.


THE BBC's Repair Shop on TV can do everything except mend broken hearts - but it is having a good go.

This daily show sees a team of the UK's skilled and caring craft people rescue and resurrect items people thought were beyond saving. I might send myself in for a make-over.

Yesterday a woman cried as a tattered panda bear was re-covered.

A link between father and daughter was beautifully re-established.

An antidote to the cynical Jeremy Kyle disgrace.

But it's not just personal items they give new life to.

They are keen to hear from communities who have objects of historical or social interest that need tender loving care. TLC is finally making a comeback.


AND finally ... Beware the extremes of zero tolerance.

The Mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, believes tourists are damaging the cultural ambience.

But is this Venetian blind to the contribution the gondola groupies contribute to their local economy?

He is busy with a series of hefty fines ready for unsuspecting, badly-behaving visitors.

Luigi is a passionate Shakespeare fan.

I urge him not to take the Bard's Merchant of Venice too literally.

Peter Grant