CAMPAIGNERS battling plans to build "executive homes" on green land have been angered by a leaked social media post from one of the developer's senior staff members, calling them "nimbys".

Posted by a senior planner from the Pegasus Group, it followed a story on plans to build 22 homes and a new clubhouse at Prenton Golf Club, for which the firm is acting as consultants.

Posted on Monday, it adds “#hardlydozens”, and “oh dear.. #nimbys”, complete with a ‘crying laughing’ emoji.

The post has been leaked to campaigners and residents opposing the application, with a spokesman saying it showed a "real arrogance".

He added: "There are people truly upset by these plans and yet their lead on this application seemingly mocks them with a sense of impunity."

Pegasus has since apologised for the post, and will undertake a "review" of social media guidelines.

The term 'nimby' is often used when discussing planning, and colloquially means a 'not in my back yarder'.

The spokesman continued: "What the person seemingly fails to understand in this mocking post is the responsibility [they] carry for an organisation such as Pegasus, and the need for them to conduct themselves professionally at all times when relating to matters of business.

"Such a post could be deemed to publicly expose a culture within a particular business unit or across an organisation as a whole and I find it offensive."

He added that it showed the official had "failed to understand the true impact such schemes have on those affected", whether the scheme is "justified or not".

He added: "What they may not have yet encountered is the shock and upset the sudden change in circumstances caused by such a development may have on these people, their aspirations and their lifestyle. Is social media the appropriate tool to use to target these people?

"Perhaps it is difficult to understand quite how upset some of these people feel at this current time and the impact that, what some may perceive as 'just a little humour', will have on them."

He added the firm had so far shown "no regret", but that it was requested the post be removed.

He said: "It has allowed us all an insight into the contempt that individuals within such organisation can demonstrate over matters that are of concern to our residents and our wider community."

Responding to the concerns, a spokesman for Pegasus Group said: "The Instagram post was removed immediately upon request. Pegasus Group apologise for any offence caused and pledge to undertake a review of its social media guidelines to colleagues."

The group opposing the application is made up of Bebington and Prenton residents, and they submitted their formal objection last week, arguing that it will "further erode" Wirral's green belt, and that the “needs of private business seemingly overrule the needs and rights of the community and local heritage”.

The plans will also include part of the course being remodelled, with the proposed clubhouse in a new location to make way for the 22 homes.

Developers say the current clubhouse is “ageing”, and it’s hoped the new one will enable a “dramatic setting” to attract more functions.

A spokesman for Pegasus Group said the redevelopment of the club will see a “world-class” resort with a “high-energy, efficient” new building that could revitalise the club “for the next 100 years-plus”.

He also said the club had received more than 150 letters in support.