WIRRAL authors of the number one bestselling Pinch of Nom cook book are set to release a six-month journal to help slimmers reach their goals.

Kate Allinson and Kay Featherstone, a chef and restaurateur, created the blog Pinch of Nom to share healthy, slimming recipes in 2016.

Over the last three years Pinch of Nom became the UK's most visited food blog with Kate and Kay going on to create a cookbook to help novice and experienced home cooks enjoy satisfying meals while staying trim.

Pinch of Nom went on to become the fastest-selling non-fiction book, smashing publishing records across the UK.

Now the duo have created a food planner to help slimmers stay on track to accompany the best-seller.

Wirral Globe:

Set out in a simple format with diet diary-style pages, the book is easily adaptable to work with anyone's slimming guidelines.

The planner does not have any photographs and is illustrated with line drawings.

A spokeswoman for Pinch of Nom said: "Whether you want to keep track of calories, jot down your shopping lists, record healthy treats or celebrate key achievements, this book is designed to help you stay organised and motivated.

"It also has twenty-six exclusive Pinch of Nom recipes – all delicious, full of flavour and designed to keep you full and satisfied!

"The Pinch of Nom Food Planner is the perfect tool for tracking your weight-loss journey and is packed with advice for keeping to your goals and stories from Pinch of Nom community members."

Pinch of Nom: Food Planner is £9.99 and will be available in shops from Thursday, June 13.