A BRAND new beer hall... or Bier Halle, is heading to Liverpool city centre this summer.

Albert's Schenke will bring a Bier Halle and Cook Haus to the city, opening on the corner of Hanover Street in the Grade II listed Casartelli Building in the current space of The Hub Alehouse and Kitchen.

Owners of The Hub revealed it would be closing its doors on Sunday, June 2.

Named after Prince Albert - the husband of Queen Victoria - Albert's Schenke will offer more than 20 beers on top, curated by on-site beer masters.

Guests will be able to sip by the schooner, pour by pint or take a tour of the taps with with a range of beer flights.

From the finest Munich and Bohemian pilsners, to weiss biers and limited-edition Oktoberfest special editions, these will star alongside the best of local craft breweries, small batches and key kegs that will change daily as well as well as High G&Ts, cocktails, magnums of Prosecco and artisan schnapps.

The restaurant side of Albert's Schenke, Cook Haus, will bring a distinctly modern take on classic dishes served across Alpine Europe including a raclette burger with melting swiss cheese and the black forest ham, egg & chips.

With rugged and rustic dishes such as Sformato, a baked truffled mashed potato with melting nuggets of alpine cheese, to Bavarian classics such as schweinshaxe, Haus kebabs, schnitzels and sausage - there really is something for everyone.

The interior will have a warm, welcoming and rustic atmosphere, complete with reclaimed wood and roaring fires, complementing the building’s original features.

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