A MORETON personal trainer has completed the challenge of a lifetime - taking part in a marathon while pulling a car over one ton in weight.

Inspirational Gareth Lockwood took part in the crazy 26.2 mile test on Saturday, May 11 in a bid to raise £10,000 for the Family Fund and Great Ormond Street Hospital.

The idea for the impressive feat came after Gareth spoke to his friend about his grandad, a well-respected boxer in the British tank regiment, who at the age of 83, performed his own circuit training sessions in the back garden and even beat Gareth in a push-up competition.

This conversation spurred Gareth to think up the ambitious mission, inspired by Ross Edgley’s 2016 car pull challenge, he aimed to complete it in just 16 hours.

After months of training, receiving support from local businesses and securing a partnership with Toyota, Gareth pulled a car along Meols promenade for 26.2 miles on May 11 - finishing the mammoth challenge in 14 hours and 20 minutes - beating his target time.

Wirral Globe:

Gareth pulling the Toyota car along Meols prom (Picture: Simon James)

Gareth, 34, told the Globe: "I wanted a challenge that would really stand out from the rest, that would make a big difference when it came to raising money.

"I had said I was looking for a huge challenge both physically and mentally, as it’s been a long time since I’ve really tested myself under the spotlight, and on top of that I want to know what my body is truly mechanically capable of.

"I truly believe that 99% of us will never know what limits we can force ourselves through, because we just don’t have to.

"Life is relatively easy at this point in time and a gym subscription doesn’t require a gut check of epic proportions once or twice a year.

"You just pay the money each month, rock up a few times a week and do what you do."

Hundreds of people turned out to support Gareth on the day, who finished the marathon with a glass of champagne.

Wirral Globe:

Gareth with supporters in Meols on Saturday, May 11

He has since managed to raise £5,000 for Family Fund who give out grants to families with disabled or seriously ill youngsters and Great Ormond Street.

Gareth, who runs Lockafella, added: “When I was younger, my brothers were both treated at Great Ormond Street.

"Seeing in action the level of care, hard work and funding that is needed to make a difference, reminds me why my efforts count and why fundraising is necessary for children and their families.

"While achieving this absurd and extreme challenge with your support and generosity we can make a life-changing difference to others less fortunate than ourselves.

"Thank you so much for your love and support."

There's still time to support Gareth via https://uk.virginmoneygiving.com/OneTonMarathon and to keep up-to-date with him visit www.instagram.com/lockafellafitnesswww.facebook.com/lockafellafitness or www.lockafellafitness.com