AS a Wirral resident I applaud MP Alison McGovern for her position on a second referendum on Brexit following the failure of the politicians to unite around any deliverable, credible alternative policy.

Alison does not seem to have the ear of her party's leadership however, so I was inspired to see a group of politicians decide to go much further and sacrifice their career ambitions and face the hostility of their tribe so they could have the freedom to – among other things – passionately advocate for a People's Vote.

I am referring to the MPs who have gone on to form the Change UK – The Independent Group party.

In spite of the political mud-slinging from established parties and activists who have so much to lose by the challenging of politics as usual, it seemed to me an act of courage, unusual and impressive in the political realm, to go so radically against your own self-interest in order to stand up for what you believe to be right.

I thought they deserved a hearing.

Helen Brown, Higher Bebington.