A WALLASEY woman who left her puppy with 'horrific and severe' injuries to the ribs and jaw has been slapped with a five-year ban.

Eiliscia Downie-Ntemo, 25, pleaded guilty to two charges of causing unnecessary suffering to her shih tzu type puppy called Darcey and Wirral Magistrates Court on Friday, May 3.

The court heard how Downie-Ntemo took Darcey to a local vets with three broken ribs down one side of her body, three dislocated ribs on the other side on October 24.

Darcey's jaw was also broken in two places.

Downie-Ntemo said that she had 'thrown' the puppy in the air and failed to catch her, with her landing on laminate flooring, claiming this is what caused the rib injuries.

Wirral Globe:

Darcey with broken jaw

She said that the jaw injuries happened a few hours later after she had found Darcey 'frothing' at the mouth and put her in the bath - she said the dog was 'struggling' in the bath and 'fell' causing the jaw to break in two places.

An expert witness disputed that the injuries could have been caused in this way - the RSPCA were later alerted and Inspector Naomi Morris went to investigate.

She said that Darcey was injured on October 23 but vet treatment had not been sought by Downie-Ntemo until the following day so she was left suffering overnight.

Inspector Norris said: “It was heartbreaking to see this tiny puppy with such horrific and severe injuries.

"Darcey was admitted to the vets in a very severe condition she was clearly in a lot of pain and because of her rib injuries she was struggling to breathe.

“I cannot believe how she has coped with her injuries at such a young age but thankfully she has made great progress and is recovering well.

“It is always sad when animals have been injured and neglected but this particular puppy is a little miracle because she was so small and vulnerable.

“The RSPCA cannot investigate these situations without the support and generosity of the public and we are always grateful for this help.”

Downie-Ntemo was given a community order and must carry out 60 hours of unpaid work alongside the ban on keeping animals for five years.

She was also ordered to pay £600 costs and a £85 victim surcharge.

Wirral Globe:

Darcey has recovered at new home

In mitigation the court heard how Downie-Ntemo is being treated for depression.

Darcey is now in a foster home where she is said to be making a remarkable recovery.