AS many local authorities have now banned the use of glyphosate as its cancer giving properties are proven, why does Wirral Council still insist on using it?

I compare this to the recent environmental degradation, in the name of "health and safety" with tree loss on the Wirral, which has been huge.

After hundreds of years have these trees really become so dangerous?

Apart from the ecological loss, the realistic danger is that in felling them or losing them to pruning or extreme pollarding; we lose the oxygen they provide, and we lose the air-pollution filtering systems which they give us.

The NHS reported in 2018 that one in every six A&E admissions were due to breathlessness and 2017 stats gave 55,000 deaths from breathing related diseases.

Surely spraying carcinogens around our streets, and at the base of trees is another total health and safety contradiction!

And we, as taxpayers, are funding this decimation.

Come on Wirral.

Don't just agree to "phase out glyphosate use."

Just stop it now ... for the health and safety of us all.

Diane Johnson, green party