THERE are many movies that have been turned into stage musical productions doing very well across the world - what I affectionately call Film-icalls.

From Fame to Officer and A Gentleman, Ghost to Sister Act and now the phenomena that is Dirty Dancing.

Loyal fans love to lap up the magic moments from such box office blockbusters.

Long may this all-encompassing genre continue to entertain.

There is a 'feel good' place for them in theatre.

Dirty Dancing - the classic story on stage has its fair share of stand-out sequences including the famous 1987 cinematic catchphrase moment: "No one puts baby in a corner."

Hollywood stars Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey made this an iconic scene which consistently makes the 100 'best movie lines' charts.

Sometimes members of the audience can't help getting carried away joining in and often giving a spontaneous applause.

Here 'Baby' (Kira Malou) and Johnny (Michael O'Reilly) are the two star-crossed lovers whose paths cross on an All-American vacation.

There is parental objection but love finds a way.

In the process Baby turns into an adult through Johnny's teaching methods on stage and in bed.

A passion for dance becomes a metaphor for life itself set amid a back drop of the '60s civil rights movement.

There is a huge cast who work hard to keep the pace alive and yet it does flag.

Too many stops and starts.

Special effects bring famous scenes alive such as the atmospheric river dance lesson.

Music is provided by an on stage band and there are fifty songs in there some presented as snatches others such as (I'm having) The Time of My Life are given the full blown version.

The star is the choreography and Simone Covele is sparkling as Penny Johnson who steals the show - praise indeed in a story dedicated to the magic and inspiration of dance.

Strictly for Dirty Dancing Devotees

It's a three from me ...

The show is at Liverpool Empire until Saturday.

Tickets from 0844 871 3017.