A NEW dodgeball club will launch at The Oval in Bebington.

Created by the same people who ran Wirral Wasps, Merseyside Mariners is a new community club aiming to attract a range of members.

Merseyside Mariners will be launched on Wednesday, May 8 and anyone, over the age of 18, who is interested in a free dodgeball session is welcome to attend.

Coach Greg Harrington told the Globe: "We are trying to build a very open, welcoming, and sustainable club by creating a friendly environment.

"I think we saw with the last team that a lot of people were interested in dodgeball, but not so many were up for entering competitions and the more serious side of the sport.

"So this time around, our focus will simply be on playing the game, and running sessions where people can get fit, make new friends, and most importantly have fun!"

Merseyside Mariners' first training session takes place Wednesday, May 8 between 8 and 9pm at The Oval.

The event is free but people are advised to bring some indoor trainers and a drink.