"A LITTLE bit of fun ..."

Now that's what I call an under-statement.

When it comes to the sparkling, camp, fizzy, outrageous, naughty-but-nice Rocky Horror Show it goes a long, long way.

Its mild-mannered creator Richard O'Brien didn't expect too much from his homage to Carry On movies meets Hammer Horror franchise films when he uttered that review of his own mega-madcap musical.

But happily he had created a monster.

Since 1973, it has transferred from a tiny pub theatre to the West End, become a smash-hit film and, nearly five decades on, packs in theatres with global touring shows.

People love it.

And yes, it is pure unabashed feel good song and dance fun.

The two-hour show (including interval to re-apply mascara) encourages fans of all ages to dress up in stockings and suspenders, ghoulish make-up and some (but not all) sexy outfits and a licence to heckle the performers.

It is as near to karaoke theatre you are ever likely to experience.

The premise is a simple one and performances vary and adapt to add new special effects - saucy and otherwise - with each and every tour.

This current trek, directed by Christopher Luscombe, not only has a very talented 13-strong cast and superb live band high up on stage but consistently stunning and imaginative lighting on a Hollywood-movie styled set bursting with colour.

A soberly-suited narrator with storybook in hand - guides us through the tale while some members of the audience feel compelled to shout out obscenities and witty, smutty retorts.

Here Beverley Callard of Coronation Street fame is wonderfully endearing and deals well with all the raucous responses.

The show is well-paced featuring the right balance of choreography and laugh-out-loud comic scenes.

We meet all-American couple Brad (Ben Adams) and Janet (Joanne Clifton), who endure a car breakdown.

They are met at a spooky castle by servant Riff Raff and his master Frank 'n' Furter played by former Blue band member Duncan James.

He clearly loves every minute and adds a new dimension to the character and that is a glorious achievement to basque in.

Acrobatic Callum Evans plays the muscle-flexing hunk Rocky and like all his fellow cast members he looks as though he is having a ball.

The songs remain pop musical classics from Sweet Transvestite to The Time Warp.

If you feel like gate- crashing a party then make your way to the Empire.

The Rocky Horror Show is like an old friend dropping in.

A standing, dancing ovation showed just how much it is welcomed and loved here on Merseyside.

Timeless - five stars (four for the show and an extra one for the audience).

The show is at the Liverpool Empire until this Saturday (May 4).

Tickets from 0843 504 7206.