That's the much-awaited rallying cry for residents who are in "poll position" to change Wirral.

Individually and collectively - it's time to put into practice the mantra power to the people.

It's worked in the past year.

Time now to have your say at the local elections.

And community is a key issue.

But do our councillors know what it means?

Today is the start of local and community history month.

Now, until the end of May, it is time to inspire, enable and encourage people from all walks of life to get involved with history and the importance of community.

It is a concept all councillors could do well to realise that to build on the future we must celebrate the past.

There's still time to do some revision - 24 hours for cramming in research.

So here to help on our election eve here's a check list for what people believe will improve their community thanks to a recent survey by LV Insurance.

It includes: picking up their dog waste; less littering; more activities for young people; more places for people of all ages to socialise; a lower crime rate; better local services; campaigns for local jobs and support for local businesses.

And topping the feel good element - keeping our pubs and overall well being created by a caring council.

So that's the hit-list.

If you want change - it's in your hands.

Please use your vote.

There are many issues under the spotlight: the Green Belt, council officers pay; the zero tolerance stance when it comes to litter enforcement and deals made behind closed doors.

It's now a chance to tell complacent councillors what you think.

It is also a chance to show support for those councillors who have listened.

Local elections lead to local ejections ... now that should send out last-minute warning bells.


TALKING of community, years before our endless telly travelogues there were influential publications that highlighted 'must-see' places.

One such esteemed pictorial journal was called Round the Coast - an album of pictures from photographs of the chief sea side places of interest in Great Britain and Ireland. Price 6d.

It was compiled by a company in London's posh Strand during those care-free Edwardian times.

Yesterday I came across one revealing issue.

The snooty roving reporter in a straw boater and striped blazer had this to say about New Brighton: "If the truth must be told, we fancy that few readers care to be recommended to New Brighton, except Liverpool people, who already know enough about the place lying so close at hand; but in order not to wholly pass over the coast of Cheshire, we may mention that this is the chief Mersey bathing place, which at once gains and loses by its proximity to the great commercial city.

"There are here a commodious pier and a sandy beach well supplied with bathing machines, donkeys, minstrels and the like attractions for the amusement of the bank holiday crowds, who are naturally New Brighton's most numerous patrons."

Oh such halcyon dates - a century before bus replacement services.

Bring back the bathing pools, I say.


DID you know we spend £315 in a lifetime on umbrellas and according to researchers we lose 300,000 a year?

I have contributed many to that total.

During our recent downpours I recall the time I had to borrow an umbrella from a female colleague for an important interview in rainy Manchester.

She duly handed me a Beatrix Potter-themed umbrella - stressing that it had been her mother’s. It had a Jemima Puddle Duck handle.

On arrival at my destination I realised that I had left it on the train.

I rushed back to Piccadilly station and asked the guard to help me.

And this he did taking me through every carriage bellowing "has anyone seen a cute floral duck umbrella?"

Happily, it was discovered and I made my excuses and left.

There is a moral here ... in every life a little rain must fall and sometimes it pays to get wet and suffer humiliation.


HOLY comedian ...

Les Dennis has been blessed.

He starred in the comedy drama The Miracle of Great Homer Street playing a gambling priest which won critical acclaim at the Royal Court.

He has since starred in the BBC series Pilgrimage, where he was joined by other celebs on a spiritual trip to Rome.

He was even granted an audience with Pope Francis - that's something Dave Allen never enjoyed.

Back in the UK it seems someone up there is still smiling on the ever-likeable Les.

This week he picked up the award for Best Ugly Sister at the National Panto awards. Oh yes he did.



AND finally ...

Friday is World Press Freedom Day.

We need it more than ever after seeing President "Fake News" Trump and Vladimir “Have you pictured my best side?" Putin at the G2 Summit in 2017.

The two most powerful men in the world shared a joke when they asked the press to leave the room.

CNN revealed that Putin laughed when he asked the tanned one: "Are these the ones who insulted you?"

Trump and Vlad the Inhaler then broke into chuckles as they continued talking.

Let's raise a toast to those from the local paper to the global reporters who are all singing from the John Lennon songbook please just gimme some truth.

Peter Grant