Globe columnist Peter Grant talks to Wirral's latest Teddy Boy - Andrew Games.

THERE is something about playing a teddy boy that appeals to Wirral actor Andrew Games.

Last year the writer and director raised his own acting profile by playing the early Beatle Pete Best in a successful run at the Unity Theatre with the drama Bestbeat.

Pete and the then Hamburg-based other Beatles had a bit of a Ted 'look' when they served their musical apprenticeship.

Paul McCartney even wrote a song called Teddy Boy on his solo album.

Now former wrestler Andrew, at half an inch off six foot, has perfected his own quiff again to star as the imposing Marty in a brand new film from his own independent company - APG Films called Dandilicious.

After all Teds - a shorter term of Edwardian fashion innovators - were very dandy in style.

The title was conjured up by the multi- talented 25-year-old film-maker Andrew.

It captures the 'dandy' look that Teds were known for, he says, adding that the crew have gone to great lengths to capture the period through hair, costumes and transport - notably a 1958 Zephyr car.

A trailer for the ambitious movie was released this week.

A very enticing glimpse into a project very dear to his heart.

The film is set in the Britain of the '50s and filmed in and around Wirral which he says proudly had some great locations.

Some scenes were from the set of Peaky Blinders in Port Sunlight.

His crew have also been out and about in Heswall and Willesden.

Filming also took place in Llandudno and North Wales.

Andrew tells the Globe: "It is what I call a stylised Neo Western film which explores a day in the life of a Teddy Boy in the 50s period in Britain.

"I play the hero Marty - though he is in my mind an anti-hero who is living the life of a rockabilly - a public menace within his own town.

"He gets into fights and causes disruption. It's actually quite brutal in places."

But is cocky Marty really the self appointed King of the Teds as he arrogantly believes?

Production of APG's first feature-length release started in mid June of last year and features a 22-strong cast of up and coming future stars including Lew Freeburn, John Purcell and Jade Mark.

The music, stresses Andrew, is vital to the film considering how important Rock 'n' roll was to the 50s.

Original songs have been composed by Birkenhead's internationally-recognised Teddy Boy band Furious.

Andrew is himself an accomplished actor with credits for the films Being Keagan with Line of Duty star Stephen Graham and The World War 2 themed Diary of an Aryan Girl.

He is clearly excited about his latest project."Teddy Boys were 'one of rock 'n' roll's most notorious subcultures.

"I have always been interested in them and their distinctive look.

"Groups like mods and rockers have always fascinated me."

In the self-financing film the action is set in fictitious Listminister."

And Andrew says there are parallels with modern day politics.

"Many of the characters represent politicians from the past and the present - displaying the traits of greed, bigotry and narcissus.

"Donald Trump and Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage come to his mind.

"They are power hungry with dubious morals."

Andrew is inspired by Guy Ritchie and his two cult classics Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch.

But that is where similarity ends.

Andrew wants to make his own creative statement.

Having seen the trailer it is certainly an exciting prospect ahead for for the big screen.

Andrew who was born in Arrowe Park and grew up in Eastham and Moreton.

He went to Pensby High School, is proud of his roots and pleased that he could use the area for locations shots.

He now lives in Pensby and would like to one day see a Wirral Film Office come to fruition.

Andrew is hoping Dandilicious will help enhance the borough as a place to film.

For now it's clapperboard action to get the film finished by 2020 and make Marty as compulsive a character as James Dean morphing into Alex from A Clockwork Orange and a touch of The Wild One starring Marlon Brando.

Says Andrew: "The trailer is a bold, brash statement.

"This is where we are now and where we are going forward.

"And that will mean entering the finished movie into various film festivals across the world."

Games on!

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