AROUND The World in 80 Days is here managed in 100 magical minutes (there's an interval of 20 minutes to add on) but you get the picture.

This whirlwind production will take you on a global journey - boldly going where none of our many TV travelogue presenter have gone before.

A multi-talented cast of nine create a hugely enjoyable piece of inventive theatre.

At times their individual and collective creativity with characters and actions (notably fight sequences) will leave your jaw dropping in a beautifully-paced story told with real gusto,

Director Theresa Heskins allows the performers the freedom of expressing their many diverse talents.

Timing is faultless - which makes sense when the tale is about beating the clock.

Enigmatic Phileas Fogg, played by Andrew Pollard, is a meticulous gent who lives by a rigid daily timetable waking at a certain time while going to bed at precisely 10.59.

He is waited on hand and foot in his study where the designer Lisa Evans cleverly utilises suitcases as a staircase.

The set and costumes are superb throughout becoming an integral part of the storytelling.

It is while in his club Fogg bets with two fellow card players that it is possible to travel the world in 80 days and inspired by Bradshaw's directory the philosophical Phileas sets out to prove his point.

It is a lot easier for Michael Portillo these days.

To assist Phileas on his land and sea journeys he hires resourceful French man Passepartout a role ultra versatile Michael Hugo has made his own.

I have seen Michael before and his ad libs in each performance are witty and charming.

His considerable acrobatic and mime skills are a joy to watch and his ukulele playing.

A true clown and actor rolled into one.

There is also a lovely portrayal of bumbling Inspector Fix played with a glint in his eye by Dennis Herdman.

This is an ensemble piece but there is also a key supporting role from Kirsten Foster as love interest Mrs Aouda.

En route we visit Europe (happily pre-Brexit) India, Japan and The Wild West.

Ships and trains become very real using a minimum of props.

We even call in on Liverpool.

So for an evening of fun let your hair down and join in the adventure.

A ticket is your passport, too ... for a night of cartoon-esque laughter and spectacle.

Stylishly sparkling - four stars

The production is on until Saturday.

Tickets from the box office at 0151 709 4776