COMEDIAN, thinker, satirist, campaigner and all-round activist - Mark Thomas is proficient in all these things.

When he has a bee in his metaphorical bonnet he has to get out there to tell it to those who relish his no-nonsense, meticulously researched productions.

The 56-year-old Londoner is currently on a UK tour with his latest 75 minute powerful monologue - clinically directed by Nicholas Kent.

Check Up: Our NHS at 70 is Mark asking the question: "If I make it to 84 the NHS will be 100 but what will we both look like?"

Mark is alone on stage aided only by a hospital screen, a solitary chair and a sobering slide screen backdrop presentation.

He offers some seriously good accents of people he has met on his current journey in which he dissects the state of his beloved NHS.

His mother was a midwife and you can see the pride on his face as he reminds himself all over again.

He doesn't stop for breath, so to speak, as he asks what is going wrong, how can it go right and what does the future hold for all of us?

More questions than answers, but he is on a mission.

He always has been.

Mark presents his case using material from probing interviews with leading experts and time spent watching people at highly pressurised work.

From obesity to dementia, Mark skill-fully injects the right amount of facts, figures and quotes.

His trademark timing is alive and kicking.

Mark is from the Dave Allen school of delivery.

He certainly has a gift for reporting with theatrical rhythm.

This prolific comedian, author and documentary film maker is a storyteller dealing with hard-hitting data some of which gained gasps from the wide-aged group audience during his sell out two night stint at the Playhouse.

What is so enjoyable about watching this accomplished, likeable stand-up work is his absolute passion for the subject matter in hand.

I have seen him many times and on every occasion he appears to be relishing every minute - every rant and every adrenalin rush as if it was his first performance.

The people he spoke to in the work leading up this tour are given utmost respect many takes recounted with admiration for their almost supernatural dedication to health care.

One key statement he stresses with measured intensity is that 'the NHS was born not just to fight illness, but to fight fear.'

You leave the theatre with this mantra ringing in your ears.

Mark isn't preaching to the converted in this eye-opening show.

He is like an old friend dropping in to remind us that when it comes to politics we really are all in this together.

He is now heading for a residency at London's Battersea Arts Centre.

Try and make an appointment to see Mark Thomas.

His latest creative consultancy is just the tonic if, like me, you care deeply about the NHS.

Mark will make you look at this 70-year-old living legend in a new light.

His commitment to saying it as it is continues with sharp wit and eye-opening revelations.

As always his aim is true.

Maybe he could have a look at Brexit when - and if the dust ever settles. If anyone can make sense of it and put complex issues into layman's terms Mr Thomas can.

Politically Correct - four stars

Details of his UK tour are from