A BABY rabbit which was discovered in a car park in Frankby is making good progress after being taken in by the Wirral Animal Sanctuary team.

A concerned member of the public found the kit on Wednesday, April 10 at the car park of Larton Livery, the site of the sanctuary's Hedgehog centre.

After carefully picking up the creature and taking it to the team, it was first thought it the tiny mite was a puppy however after closer inspection and trip to the vet, it was revealed to be a rabbit.

Steph Oliver, from Wirral Animal Sanctuary told the Globe: "We suspect that a cat has taken the baby from a nest and dropped it in the car park.

Wirral Globe:

"It’s not old enough to even walk yet and eyes are closed, and we have no way of knowing where the cat got it from.

"The bunny is now in the hands of one of our fantastic hand rearers equipped with an incubator and everything she needs to give bunny the best chance possible.

"We know her odds are slim being so tiny (about two inches long) but we will do our very best."

Two days on and the bunny is being kept warm in an incubator while teams have launched a competition to name their new resident.

Steph added: "Little Bun is being kept toasty warm in one of our fabulous incubators. She has a hedgehog teddy for comfort too.

"We are so grateful to everyone who has donated or raised funds to help us purchase more of these units, this particular incubator which our bunny is in was donated by Ian.

"Thank you!"

For more information about Wirral Animal Sanctuary and to keep up-to-date with the rabbit's progress please visit https://www.facebook.com/thehogcentre/