A WIRRAL schoolgirl has launched a campaign to tackle the problem of dog mess and needs your help.

After stepping in dog dirt on the way to school, and seeing little girls below her in school standing in dog dirt, Gabriella Holdgate decided to do some thing about it, starting in the road she lives in.

The 11-year-old, from Hoylake recycled a plastic bottle and with her own pocket money bought the rest of the materials to create the doggy bag dispenser.

Nearly two thousand doggy bags later she has made more doggy bag dispensers.

She has put them up in more 25 locations including Hoylake, Meols, West Kirby, Newton, Frankby, Moreton and Upton.

She is working hard to cover as much of the Wirral as possible.

She now has a Facebook group called Gabriella's Paw Patrol where people can see where the bags are available and she has also responded to people request on her page who have asked for a dispenser by where they live.

Gabriella told the Globe: "I Hope this will benefit everybody in our community and help make everyone's experience of where we live a happy and hygienic one. Together we can make a difference."

Proud mum Julie said: "She has particularly targeted parks and football pitches so children can play their sports in safe and hygienic conditions.

"This is something Gabriella is very passionate about and she would love to spread the word.

"The response to her project has been overwhelming and such amazing messages of support and inspiration has been left on her Facebook page."

The dispensers are located in the following locations:


  • Trinity road
  • Cinder path
  • Grove park
  • Kings gap beach end 
  • RNLI beach end
  • Queen’s Park.
  • Entrance at Queen’s Park


  • Ackers Lane
  • Meols Park
  • Meols prom end
  • Hoyle road
  • Meols parade 298

West Kirby:

  • Newton Park
  • Ashton Park
  • West Kirby Prom middle
  • Park by Morrison’s
  • Lang Lane South 


  • Town meadow lane
  • Park
  • Lingham Park
  • Moreton shore RNLI 
  • Pasture road
  • Digg Lane


  • Manor drive
  • Sandbrook Park


  • Royden Park
  • Frankby cemetery 


  • Arrowe Park 


  • Martins Lane

New Brighton 

  • Vale Park