CHILDREN'S TV presenter Andy Day helped track down dinosaurs with a crack team of competition winners at Liverpool ONE.

The star visited the area to try out Dinosaurs Unleashed, a new app that uses augmented reality technology to give visitors the chance to hatch and care for their own dinosaurs, on Tuesday, April 9.

Before his visit, youngsters were asked to enter a competition so that they could help Andy chase Raptors, Apatasauruses and hide from a T-Rex.

Andy then held an exclusive storytelling session just for the lucky few who quizzed his Jurassic knowledge.

He told the Globe: "I’ve absolutely loved my time in Liverpool trying out the app and discovering more about this fascinating subject in such an unusual way.

"It was fantastic to watch as the dinosaurs ‘hatched’ and moved about through Liverpool ONE, weaving between shoppers to ‘Chavassic Park’ to be fed and to battle with other characters for victory.

“As everyone knows, I’m incredibly passionate about all things dinosaur-related, so it’s great to see how the invasion is helping children to pick up facts and figures, get out in the fresh air and have lots of fun at the same time!”

Running until June, the free interactive experience gives visitors the chance to nurture pre-historic characters by keeping them well-fed and exercised, ready for the battle arena where players collect points to work their way up a leader board.

A crack team of dinosaur experts from Teach Rex will be on hand to provide guests all the information they need.

An app will also be available to download for visitors to collect points as they hatch dinosaurs from giant eggs across Liverpool ONE and participants will even be able to play with their dinosaurs at home.

Donna Howitt, marketing director at Liverpool ONE, said: “Andy Day’s visit to Liverpool ONE has been a huge success and the children had a great time exploring with him.

“Our dinosaur invasion is now well underway and the reaction so far has been amazing.

"Lots of families have joined us during the school holidays to enjoy a fun day out together and there’s still plenty of time to get involved."

Dinosaurs Unleashed will run until June 2.

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