MP Yvette Cooper should be ashamed of herself for not only betraying the country, but flagrantly reneging on her own pledge not to block Brexit.

Her amendment, to extend Article 50, which passed by just one vote, is a thinly-veiled attempt to block us leaving the EU, whether she admits it or not.

It was disgracefully rushed through the Commons and now needs the approval of the House of Lords.

But it is up to the EU whether to grant an extension and as we all know if that is allowed it could well be kicking our departure into the long grass - as the Remainers want.

Most people in this country now favour a "no deal" scenario, even those who voted to remain, as they are sick to the back teeth with the complete farce to which the negotiations have been reduced.

I have no doubt that Ms Cooper will be punished at the ballot box in due course - as she rightly deserves - as will Oliver Letwin, who jointly tabled the amendment - and all the others who said one thing and then did the other, betraying their constituents who voted to leave.

Paul Nuttall, North West Euro-MP for the Brexit Party