ACTING doesn't get much better than this in a marvellous two-hander.

If you saw the TV series Extras by Ricky Gervais you will know how those people who appear as minor supporting roles in films while standing in the background all have minds, feelings and dreams of their own.

Belfast playwright Marie Jones wrote this multi-layered work more than 20 years ago and on this faultless touring version it will never date.

We meet two movie extras played by a very talented twosome: Charlie (Kevin Trainor) and Jake (Owen Sharpe).

Both have comprehensive CVs and it shows in their vocal and physical versatility

This is storytelling at its dramatic best as they adopt more than 15 characters in two 45 minute acts directed by Lindsay Posner.

It is set in County Kerry where a Hollywood crew is filming an historic period blockbuster starring a famous, yet precious actress.

Other locals are signed up for the £40 a day fee with food.

One old hand keeps harping back to when he was in the Quiet Man with John Wayne.

There is the powerful real life tale away from the movie script embedded throughout, about the boy with the 'stones in his pockets' of the curious title.

The sublime countryside projection backdrop is aided by superb sound and lighting creating an atmospheric effect.

There are times when you feel you are in dear old Ireland with its green pastures and village church.

There are plenty of lovely laughter moments sharply contrasting with the hearing-a-pin-drop poignancy.

An Irish dance sequence is a particularly welcome highlight.

This play has many switches in mood with the two actors displaying a wide range of spot on accents and mannerisms.

This is a tragi-comedy that will make you think long after you have left the theatre and the cows have gone home.

Four stars - a Tour De Force

The production is at Liverpool Playhouse until March 23

Tickets from 0151 709 4776