A GROUP of Wirral knitters are bringing comfort to children in distressing situations by creating 'Trauma Teddies.'

Helen Robinson, from Upton, began the group after seeing a post on Facebook about the bears that are distributed to emergency services and created by volunteers.

It is believed that the idea began in Australia, with the teddies being donated during bush fires so that firefighters could hand them out to children who had lost their homes as a form of comfort.

Now the idea has spread across the world and Helen is leading up a 130-member strong group who have so far created 230 teddies for youngsters across Merseyside.

Helen, 45, told the Globe: "I saw a post on social media from Scotland police saying that the Trauma Teddies had been a success for them and I thought 'I wonder if Merseyside Police do it?'

"So I asked them and they said if I was happy to do it then go ahead! We have now just handed over our first batch of around 230 teddies at a meet up in Moreton.

"The plan is to do this every month.

"Right now we have around 130 members and we're always looking for more so if anyone wants to join up, they're more than welcome.

"They're given out when police attend a traumatic incident with young kids involved. These teddies are then given to them by police to help try and make that experience less traumatic.

"The teddies we have knitted will be distributed across the force to the likes of response vehicles and the roads policing unit.

Wirral Globe:

"I really am overwhelmed by the response of people taking part.

"The pattern is simple and easy to follow - even beginners will be able to create them.

"I cannot thank our members enough. We really enjoy making them and will continue to do so as long as they are necessary."

The teddies will now be distributed across the Merseyside Police force and officers will give them to any youngsters that they come across who are dealing with trauma and shock.

Sergeant Michael Brumskill said: “We’d like to thank the 100 Wirral volunteers who donated 230 ‘Trauma Teddies’, all of which are knitted as gifts to help children who may come into contact with police officers.

“The ladies launched the Trauma Teddy project after hearing about the scheme established in Australia during bush fires.

"Emergency services asked for knitters to knit teddies to be carried in police cars, which could be given to children in traumatic or upsetting circumstances."

Each teddy is donated for free and police say that these bears will give 'comfort' to children in difficult situations.

Constable Sara Muscatelli told the Globe: “Speaking on behalf of our Local Policing teams, specifically the Targeted team, I feel that the Trauma Teddies would be a beneficial tool for our kit.

"We come into contact with children and vulnerable adults all the time and often this is during the execution of a warrant where our entry is dynamic and fast paced and can frighten young children.

"This can be distressing for both the children and their parents and so having the Trauma Teddies available, we hope to give comfort to the children during these difficult times."

To take part in creating trauma teddies please join the Facebook group here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/310621066245095/