COUNCIL tax payers in Wirral will be forking out even more from next month, with the full amounts revealed here.

The local authority has increased its council tax by 2.99% for the next year – and residents will also have to pay contributions towards the fire and rescue service, Merseyside’s Police and Crime Commissioner and the Liverpool City Region’s Metro Mayor Steve Rotheram – the latter being introduced this year.

Here’s the total amount people in each council tax band will have to pay, with the 2018-19 amounts in brackets:

  • Band A – £1,215.49 (£1,155.82)
  • Band B – £1,418.07 (£1,348.45)
  • Band C – £1,620.65 (£1,541.09)
  • Band D – £1,823.23 (£1,733.72)
  • Band E – £2,228.38 (£2,118.98)
  • Band F – £2,633.54 (£2,504.26)
  • Band G – £3,038.72 (£2,889.54)
  • Band H – £3,646.46 (£3,467.44)

Council tax accounts for the vast majority of what people in the borough will have to pay, with the cost ranging from £944.07 in Band A to £2,832.22 in Band H.

Contributions towards the fire service vary between just over £52 and more than £157, while the new ‘Metro Mayor tax’ will cost people in the borough between £12 and £38 a year.

Taxpayers will also pay between £134.65 and £403.94 for the Police and Crime Commissioner

All the authorities have insisted that the increases are needed to try and sustain their services in the face of continued cuts to their budgets.