HOMES and businesses in Pensby, Irby and Thingwall may be experiencing 'white water' according to United Utilities.

United Utilities confirmed the issue at addresses within the CH61 area at 11.30m today (Wednesday, March 13) that water from the tap appears white and aerated.

Although this is not harmful to health an inspector has been called out to assess the issue.

A message on United Utilities website reads: "We have received calls to let us know some of you are finding when you turn your tap on the water appears white/is aerated (it has lots of bubbles in it when you fill up a glass).

"This is not harmful to health and will clear from bottom up if you fill a glass and leave it to stand for 5 minutes.

"In the meantime we have one of our inspectors looking into this.

"You can check out our web page about White Water for more information."