FAME the film and Fame the stage musical are not the same.

Once you have established that fact, you can see why the creative franchise has such a varied following in all its different forms.

The film and six tv series explored relationships far more than David De Dilva's darker stage show which excels with its sheer physicality.

It fleshes out the passion that anyone seeking fame - fickle or otherwise - possesses.

Alan Parker's 1980 film about the New York High School for Performing Arts boasted an award-winning soundtrack.

Only a couple of songs are here, including the thumping, infectious title song which remains the production's pulse.

The film is actually name-checked in the script which, sadly, has too many dated cliches.

Some of comedian Joe's oft crude sexual remarks do not sit well in modern times.

Character development also takes second place to song and dance routines.

The state-of-the-art set, featuring high school yearbook pictures of the cast, is surrounded by neon lights.

Props, such as school desks and changing lockers, are wheeled on and off on the two-tier set.

Accomplished stage musicians on keyboards, sax, drums and bass belt out numbers as if they were in a concert.

You can't deny the adrenalin rush is real.

The dancing is also high energy.

The inconsistent nature of the songs and music means there is not the X Factor when it comes to memorable melodies and lyrics.

The highlight comes with the blues, gospel soul-full power song from the soaring vocals of Mica Paris as the tough but fair Miss Sherman.

These are my children is the outstanding number delivered with soaring emotions by Mica.

Jogie Porter from Hollyoaks and Jamal Crawford as Tyrone provide the strongest love story of the various tales told throughout this two-hour-45-minute musical including the interval.

A rousing encore of Fame by Stephanie Rojas as Carmen and the hard-working ensemble sealed the first night of the week-long Liverpool leg of this 30th anniversary tour.

High Voltage - three stars

The show's Liverpool Empire runs ends on Saturday.

Tickets from the box office on 0844 871 3017.