IT'S extremely worrying to hear that just two thirds (68%) of women in the Liverpool area attended their routine breast screening appointment last year.

The NHS breast screening programme is vital in ensuring breast cancer is detected at early, more treatable stages preventing around 1,300 deaths from breast cancer each year in the UK.

While screening comes with some risks to be aware of, we'd encourage all women across Liverpool to attend their screening appointments when invited, and to discuss any concerns with their doctor.

More than 300 women in Liverpool are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, and over 60 sadly die from the disease each year.

If we are to ensure that by 2050, everyone who develops breast cancer will live and live well, we need to do everything we can to detect more cases earlier.

With breast cancer continuing to rise, it's concerning to see that Liverpool remains below the 70% target for the sixth year running, as attendance in England hits a new decade-low.

It's essential NHS England's landmark review of screening programmes provides clear recommendations to significantly improve attendance across the country.

Mia Rosenblatt, Breast Cancer Now