TRIBAL politics and political self-serving preservation took precedence over the will, health and wishes of Wirral people on Monday, February 25 at the town hall.

Only the newly-elected Cllr Jean Robinson stood head and shoulders above the political posturing and voted to put an end to the destruction of our Greenbelt.

It is common knowledge that the Labour council have squandered public money on viability studies for a golf course in Hoylake.

What is left of Greenbelt will be used for the building of homes for the very rich and the remainder to accommodate the building of a Celtic Manor Resort - a rich man's playground.

Meanwhile, we have families relying on food banks to keep hunger at bay, we have people in New Ferry without a home to call their own.

Phil Davies tells us the resort will provide jobs and bring business into the area when all evidence points to the contrary.

Any jobs will be minimal wages and zero-hour contracts.

Visitors will stay on the site to be entertained and fed.

Why should they do otherwise in this Las Vegas type complex?

Meanwhile we all suffer from the increased levels of toxic pollution due to the non-stop build up of traffic going to and from the resort.

The destruction of our green field and trees will destroy the habitat of our precious wildlife.

They have every right to be there.

Do not be hoodwinked into thinking the scrutiny committee at the town hall will make a wise and unbiased decision regarding the future of our Greenbelt. That political rotten potato has been tried and tested before and lacked all credibility in the final analyses.

What a fine legacy you are leaving us to all, Phil Davies.

Stephanie Miller, Upton