FORECASTERS have issued a warning for gusts of wind up to 65mph across Wirral this week.

The Met Office issued the severe 'yellow' warning for Wednesday, March 13 between 12.15am and 3pm.

Due to the adverse weather some bus and train services may suffer disruption.

Temperatures will remain cold and could be accentuated due to the strength of the wind.

Met Office chief meteorologist Dan Suri said: “In what is a windy and blustery weekend with gusts in a few locations already having exceeded 50 mph we can expect a short spell of gusts quiet widely between 50 and 55 mph across southern England early on Sunday.

"Some of the highest gusts then will be in coastal areas of southwest England where in some exposed spots gusts close to 65 mph are possible.

"These strong gusts could damage trees and power lines and cause travel disruption.

"While the blustery conditions are a contrast to the type of weather we saw at the end of February this is fairly typical for early March in the UK.”

Coastal areas such as New Brighton will be affected by spray and/or large waves and residents are being warned to stay safe and be aware of flying debris.