A SCHOOL has expelled four pupils for their part in a bullying attack on a younger schoolgirl, with one offender being referred to the Youth Justice system.

Erin Phillips, 14, was pounced upon in a “premeditated” attack as she walked to meet her mum after school on February 12, with another student filming the incident as others looked on.

The brave Upton High School youngster showed the 52 second clip to her mum, Emma, and stepfather Lee, who posted it online to help bring the offenders to justice while also spreading awareness about bullying.

Emma and Lee Wharton say they have been left feeling let down by the school, education inspectors Ofsted and, to some extent, the police.

Mum-of-two Emma Wharton from Little Sutton told the Standard: “I felt fobbed off (by Upton-by-Chester High School) until we let them know that we’re going to the press.

“I can appreciate the majority of kids there don’t get bullied and have a really nice time at school, but the minority is being forgotten and nothing is being done for them.”

Mr Wharton added: “I’m not sure if they would have expelled those children if there wasn’t so much interest in what happened.”

Mr Wharton, however, maintain he is pleased with the school’s eventual reaction to the incident.

“I’m happy because they can’t bully anybody else in the school, not just Erin.

“Now there are four less bullies there and other schools should follow suit."

In response to the family’s concerns headteacher Paula Dixon said: “This was a one-off isolated incident and this behaviour will not be tolerated from any of our students.

“It is regretful that a minute number of students are able to tarnish the reputation of our good school.

“We have dealt with all those directly involved, using the fullest extent of the sanctions available.

“We acted quickly and decisively in this matter, immediately communicating with parents and the police.”

Ms Dixon added: “We accept young people will sometimes fall out.

"Consequently one of our roles is to encourage students to share their concerns and show them how to improve their relationships with one another.

“The positive and supportive culture within the school demonstrates that the school community embraces equality and diversity and we hold an Ofsted judgement of Outstanding for Safeguarding.”

The St James Avenue school also holds a silver status award for being an ‘Anti-Bullying Alliance All Together School’.

According to an Ofsted inspection carried out in May 2015, it is a ‘good’ school with ‘few incidents of bullying’.

However Mrs Wharton said: “So many people have come forward with similar stories.

“With the amount of people who have said something about Upton, it should be enough to raise alarm bells with Ofsted because they’re all saying the same thing.”

An Ofsted spokesperson said: “We do not comment on or confirm whether complaints have been received about a particular school.

“However, any complaints received are assessed and investigated further where necessary.

“Where we have concerns about pupil safety, we will not hesitate to take action.”

Following the incident, which has been viewed around half a million times on social media, one girl has been referred to the Youth Justice System.

The girl has admitted her involvement in the attack but she will not have to go to court.

Mrs Wharton does not know exactly how she is being punished for her actions.

“There’s no deterrents for young people from the schools or the police. I’m not even entirely sure what it (Youth Justice) entails anyway,” she said.

“I’m upset that the girl who recorded it has walked away scot-free, apart from being expelled.

“If you video a crime, you’re as guilty as the person committing it.

“She stood there, encouraged it, filmed it, and put it on social media."

Erin has now returned to the classrooms with teachers working closely with the family to ensure a smooth reintegration to school for her.