BIRKENHEAD MP Frank Field has called two public meetings to gauge constituents' views on the state of local bus services

Taking place on Saturday, February 23 the first will be held at St Andrew's Church Hall in Noctorum, starts at 9.45am.

The second takes place at The Little Centre, Beechwood at 10.45am.

Merseytravel have been invited to send a representative to each meeting.

Following feedback from residents, Mr Field wrote to Merseytravel to outline his concerns around the difficulties faced by many when trying to travel to and from work, health facilities, shops, or the town centre.

He wrote of one particular concern that was 'voiced very strongly' by residents on the Beechwood and Noctorum housing estates who rely heavily on buses.

Those residents are particularly concerned about the availability of evening and weekend services, given that they are either unable to afford taxis or have to sacrifice large sums from their wages in order to do so.

In the words of one resident: "the estate routes have been systematically decimated' and some parts of town are becoming deserted as a result.

"I was told similarly by somebody who works in Birkenhead that 'I usually have to walk 20-30 mins from a bus stop, because buses don't go into the estates. I don't mind that but if your mobility isn't great, it's a pain'.

"In all too many cases, this is limiting the ability of families to get to and from work without forking out large sums for taxi fares, or visit relatives who are ill.

"Noctorum residents who are reliant on buses cannot, for example, make it to the evening visiting times at Arrowe Park.

"In extreme cases, according to another resident, people are 'being left stranded.

"It's an absolute disgrace that middle-aged and elderly women are walking home in the dark on cold winter nights.

"It'll be really important for us to set out a clear position to Merseytravel.

"This has been the specific impact of the recent changes on our quality of life, and these are the improvements we would like so that our bus services enable us to work and live as we need.

"I very much hope we will be able to establish such a position at these two meetings".

The Globe has contacted Merseytravel for comment.