A LITTLE boy with a big heart wants nothing more than everyone to be loved this Valentine’s Day.

When Riley Stephens, from West Kirby, asked his mum Laura why we celebrate Valentine’s Day he couldn’t understand why there was just one day to show love to the people we care about most.

The nine-year-old told his mum that ‘we should be loved every day not just one day’ and decided that he wanted to spread his message to his school, West Kirby Primary.

Riley came up with an idea to make cupcakes for the whole school but after speaking to Laura, he decided on biscuits in a bid to spread kindness and love this Valentine’s Day.

Laura told the Globe: “Riley really does wear his heart on his sleeve and he doesn’t like anyone being left out. He is such a kind and caring little boy.

“He came to me and asked why do people get left out and people should be loved every day – not just for Valentines.

Wirral Globe:

Riley and his mum Laura with the Valentine's Day biscuits

“Riley had originally asked for cupcakes for the whole school but we compromised with biscuits so we sat down and came up with an idea on how to put the plan into action.

“Attached to each biscuit will be a tag with the quote ‘An act of kindness can change the world. Be happy, Be thoughtful, be YOU!’

“When I asked Riley why he wanted to make them for the whole school and not just his class he told me ‘I don’t want anyone to feel left out, everyone should feel loved.’

“As a family, we had a busy week making biscuits for the whole of West Kirby Primary School - we have even made extra which we will donate to charity. We will also individually wrap each one and include a list of allergens.

“There really is no bad bone in Riley’s body.

“I have brought him up to get involved in charities and community groups and he just wants to spread kindness.

“I am so proud that he is such a caring and thoughtful boy. He really is a little boy with a big heart who spreads kindness and love where ever he goes.”