SO Mr Tusk, a "special place in Hell" you say for us Brexiteers.

Well we are already familiar with Hell, otherwise known as the European Union and its undemocratic bullying Commission. Which is why we voted to Leave.

Plainly, Donald Tusk and his cronies are still a tad rattled that the British had the backbone to stand up to Brussels and bid farewell.

Well they would be, wouldn't they, as they rightly fear that other member states will follow in our footsteps and bring down the whole edifice.

Unable to physically kick our Prime Minister on the ankles under the negotiating table, as they probably would like to, they have instead shown her complete disdain and insult democracy.

Happily, I suspect Tusk's arrogance has also stiffened the resolve of the Leavers and demonstrated to waverers why leaving is the correct path, deal or no deal.

It is clear why the EU wants to keep us shackled to their failing economic bloc - whose GDP continues to slide inexorably downwards - but why anyone here, apart from some politicians with vested interests, wants us to stay is a mystery to me.

Paul Nuttall, North West Independent MEP.