WITH the current concerns about the environment and long-term climate change, I would like to think we can all consider our personal impact.

One area is carbon emissions and CO emissions.

Last week as I left Asda Grange Road, I counted 18 Hackney cabs parked behind the Primark store.

Most of these cabs had their engines running, presumably to heat the interior for the comfort of the cabbie.

Diesel fumes were spewing into the pedestrian area, despite several cabbies standing around outside their cabs chatting together.

As these cabs are there all day, goodness knows what the impact is they have.

Wirral Council provide a taxi rank for the convenience of these drivers but do not appear to monitor the impact upon the public of these fumes, let alone the environment.

Can they not consider some restrictions for our children’s sakes and obviously the environmental impact?

Phil Taylor by email.