POLICE are investigating another report of a fox being killed at a hunt in Cheshire.

Cheshire Police was already probing two deaths last month at a trail hunt in Huxley, near Chester, on January 4 and on land in Darnhall, near Winsford, while a hunt was taking place on January 7.

On Tuesday, the force said another investigation had been launched following reports of a fox being killed during a hunt near Nantwich.

In a statement, Cheshire Police said: "At around 3pm today we were notified that a fox had been killed during a hunt in Hack Green near Nantwich.

"Wildlife officers have attended the scene and an investigation into the circumstances has been launched.

"We are fully committed to thoroughly investigating this incident and will bring to justice anybody found to have broken the law."

On Sunday a few hundred anti-hunt protesters held a peaceful demonstration outside the force's headquarters in Winsford to demanded action be taken against illegal hunting.

In December, Labour pledged it would review penalties under the Hunting Act 2004 to ensure it was an effective deterrent.

Under the Act it is an offence to hunt a wild mammal with dogs, although there are some exemptions.