CLAREMONT Farm have joined forces with B&M Waste Services to improve recycling levels and reduce its carbon impact.

The family-run farm has been growing fruit and vegetables on the land off Old Clatterbridge Road since 1906 and in recent years the family has expanded their farm shop and opened a bustling cafe which serves their home-grown produce.

It even now offers an on-site events space.

One of the directors at Claremont Farm, Andrew Pimbley said: "As a business, we need to be sustainable on this planet, with as little impact as possible.

"We need to ensure that our produce is recycled or disposed of in the correct way.

"Segregating our waste with B&M makes it a lot easier for us to do this as a company.”

B&M Waste have helped the farm move to segregated waste streams to make sure that they are able to recycle everything they can, with food, glass, cardboard and general waste all collected separately,

Glass and cardboard will be recycled and the food will be put through a process called 'anaerobic digestion' which eventually produce biogas which can be used for generating heat and electricity.

General waste will be made into refuse derived fuel which will be able produce electricity and hot water so that waste will not find its way to the landfill.

Jayne Kennedy, marketing manager for B&M Waste said: “Claremont Farm is a fantastic example of putting sustainability first.

"The work that they’ve done – and continue to do – with B&M Waste is outstanding and achieving 100% diversion from landfill is the icing on the cake.”