Globe art critic Peter Grant says there's more to Leonardo Da Vinci than the Mona Lisa, as a magnificent free exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery illustrates ...

MERSEYSIDE is one of just twelve UK locations to take part in a magnificent anniversary celebration.

The Walker Art Gallery is hosting an Exhibition of stunning artwork by Leonardo Da Vinci to mark 500 years since he died.

Art lovers of all ages will be thrilled to see 12 pieces of work that explore the diversity of subjects that inspired the genius.

The free exhibition is part of a nationwide event organised by the Royal Collection Trust, in which 144 of the Renaissance Master's greatest drawings will go on display in 12 simultaneous exhibitions across the nation, giving the widest-ever UK audience the opportunity to see the work of the multi-skilled master of so many diverse talents.

Leonardo was unique in his range of achievements and drawing was at the heart of his work.

He drew to prepare his artistic projects, to record the world around him. To pursue his scientific speculations and make his imagination visible,

he went back to the drawing board to perfect his visions.

He was ahead of his time.

The exhibition showcases Leonardo's botanical and anatomical studies, while other drawings focus on subjects including classical architecture , the solar system and the movement of water.

The 12 drawings also include a charcoal study for the drapery of Leonardo's Madonna and Child as well as river landscape, a stormy apocalyptic scene and chalk drawing of a masquerader on horseback.

The drawings on show are a real coup for Merseyside.

Martin Clayton, head of prints and drawings at Royal Collection Trust, says the exhibition at the Walker Art gallery demonstrates the wide scale of the artist's work.

It is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for audiences to engage directly with one of the greatest minds in world history.

He said: "His drawings were central to his work in every field. Both his artistic projects and his scientific investigations; they allowed him to work out his Ideas on paper and can be viewed as his private laboratory."

Five stars - unforgettable, inspirational masterpieces.

Leonardo Da VInci: a Life in Drawing is at Walker Art Gallery until May 6, 2019.

Admission: free.

Open 10am -5pm daily.

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