THE issues of modern slavery and human trafficking are raised in a powerful photographic display at a Wirral shopping centre.

Invisible People is a touring exhibit, created by the National Crime Agency (NCA) and brought to life by award-winning photographer Rory Carnegie and human rights charity the Helen Bamber Foundation.

It is on view at the Cherry Tree shopping centre until February 26. Visitors can see the display, free of charge.

It aims to recreate the lives of Invisible People and expose the reality of modern slavery.

Three, two-metre backlit cubes bring this hidden crime into sharp focus, presenting images that are stark and provocative yet suitably subtle for public areas where children will see them.

It has already been to 15 different cities, including Glasgow, Bristol and Cardiff, as well as landmark London venues such as Westminster Abbey and Canary Wharf.

Its visit to Liscard is the first time Merseyside residents will have had the chance to see it.

The exhibition as a pre-cursor to a Modern Slavery Conference for invited multi-agency delegates, which takes place at the Floral Pavilion, New Brighton tomorrow (Monday).

Cllr Paul Stuart, Wirral cabinet member for law and order, said: "It is so important that we come together to address these heinous practices in a co-ordinated and effective way in Wirral.

"The conference we are hosting, combined with the Invisible People exhibition, will hopefully help bring these issues into sharp focus.

"On the back of the conference, we will be putting the finishing touches to a policy and strategy for raising awareness of and putting a stop to modern slavery wherever and however it is happening in Wirral."