A BAND of snow is sweeping across Merseyside in a chilly end to the week.

Forecasters had issued a severe 'yellow' warning for ice in Merseyside for Thursday but today issued a warning for snow in the North West.

The snow showers are expected to last until 1pm today (Friday, January 18).

The Met Office say to expect 1cm to 4cm of snow falling over hills.

Chief meteorologist Dan Suri said: “Next week’s forecast shows signs of a reduction in winds from our typical westerly direction, meaning we are more likely to see cold winds from northerly and easterly directions later in the week.

"This does not guarantee a repeat of 'Beast from the East' conditions as some media are speculating – yes, it is getting colder, but it is too early to provide detailed forecasts on the potential severity of the weather or snow amounts at this stage.

"We advise the public to keep in touch with Met Office forecasts and warnings over the next few days and weeks so you can be prepared for the cold weather.”


North West residents are also being warned of the dangers of cold weather on the vulnerable.

Dr Emer O’Connell of Public Health England said: “Experience shows us that every winter thousands of people are seriously affected and even die from illnesses linked to the cold.

"Protecting yourself from the cold may seem like common sense but many people don’t manage to keep themselves warm enough.

“If you know someone at risk, someone over 65, anyone with dementia or a heart and lung condition, or a young child, check up on them and see if there’s anything you can do to help.

"All of us should be heating our homes to at least 18C, keeping up to date with weather forecasts and planning our days around them - simple steps can really help protect against the cold.”