A WALLASEY mum features in a brand new, best-selling book 'Mumpreneur On Fire 4.'

Sarah Auger, founder and creator of The Sensory Fairy a business helping parents of children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND), has written a chapter in the final book of hit series 'Mumpreneur.'

Due for release on Monday, January 21, the book has already become an Amazon bestseller, achieving the number one spot based on pre-sales alone.

It features a number of women, all of who are mothers, aiming to inspire and tell their tales of becoming a 'mumpreneur' - a mum with an entrepreneurial streak.

Sarah told the Globe: "I share ‘my story’, the struggles I had adjusting to civilian life after the army, the diagnosis of my brain tumour, how after being infertile finding out I was expecting twins, my eldest sons battle with vision loss and special educational needs, one of my twins passing away while my other twin fought for her life in intensive care for almost three months.

"The book serves as an inspiration to other women.

"We all experience times of darkness and struggle. These stories will show there is light at the end of the tunnel...THAT light is within each of us.

"Mumpreneur on Fire 4 is a compilation of 25 inspiring stories from 'mumpreneurs' all over the world.

"Each of the women featured in the book have overcome amazing struggles such as domestic violence, drug abuse and trauma to be at the point of success they are today.

"I feel sure that your audience and followers will be excited to hear about my story, with the meteoric rise of Mumpreneurs worldwide."

Published by the 'Mums In Business Association' an international group with more than 31,000 members, book aims to bring women and mothers together to use their collectibe energy to fuel a movement of self-awareness and inspiration.

To get your copy visit https://www.amazon.co.uk/Mumpreneur-Fire-Inspirational-Stories-Empowered