A TERMINALLY-ill boy from Prenton has launched a range of inspiring t-shirts to raise cash for life experiences and others living with the condition.

'The Anyone Can ...' collection was launched and designed by nine-year-old William Magee, who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy - a terminal disorder characterised by progressive muscle degeneration and weakness - when he was just two.

His aim is generate funds for life experiences he would otherwise miss out on.

He has also pledged to donate 10% of all profits to Claire House and a legacy fund that will support others facing the challenges of Duchenne.

William, like many nine-year-olds, is a superhero fan.

But he faces a superhero-sized challenge in the form of Duchenne, a condition likely to see him lose the ability to walk before he is 12 and unable to do simple things like have a drink or give proud mum Kelly a hug.

Mum Kelly told the Globe: "With the heart being a muscle, as his condition progresses, William will need a machine just to breathe, but because the brain is not, he will remain aware of what he faces.

"William's response to finding out about his condition was more akin to his superhero idols, and with a bravery belying his age, William decided he wanted set up his own business to raise funds so he can fulfil life ambitions we take for granted but which he will miss out on, whilst also creating a legacy fund to help others facing similar challenges both now and in the future.

"If the product of a business is a mark of its character, then the t-shirts William now sells are a testament to this brave young man.

"The business logo is a stick man of William's own design, which he called the 'Anyone Can Man' and says symbolises the belief that people can do anything.

"All the t-shirts sold are designed by William, who plans to use the 'Anyone Can Man' accompanied by a positive message so his products inspire others."

The t-shirts come in a variety of colours and sizes, for adults (£12) and children (£10) and can be ordered by emailing orders@myanyonecan.org or

calling 07724 742488.

They are also available online at www.thebarnwirral.co.uk

You can also help spread William's message and keep up to date with his inspiring story on social media a @myanyonecan