DOG owners across Wirral have expressed their anger over plans to ban dogs from cemeteries, picnic areas and playgrounds.

The Public Spaces Protection Orders (PSPOs) has been proposed in a bid to crackdown on dog fouling and incidents across Wirral.

A total of 117 locations would be affected across the borough and would include requiring owners to carry poo bags, areas where dogs would need to be kept on leads and a limit on the number of pets that can be walked by one person.

The proposals are set to be considered by the council's special environment overview and scrutiny committee on January 15 and if approved, the rules will come into force on April 1.

After a public backlash last year, which included a petition signed by more than 15,000 people, the council retracted plans to ban dogs on beaches.

However, some owners are still voicing their anger over the proposals.

Globe reader Colin Bordley said: "Why are they talking of a ban?

"A few years ago the council was talking about employing dog wardens in the park to ensure rules were followed and that people cleaned up after their dogs.

"This seemed eminently sensible. I even saw one in my local park just after this was announced - but that was the only occasion and I've never seen or heard of another since.

"What happened to that programme?"

Lyn Jones commented: "It amazes me how dogs are blamed due to the odd few inconsiderate dog owners who do not clean up after themselves.

"Well thanks guys you have now ruined it for everyone else. Maybe football needs to be banned on the fields too now to stop the mess that humans leave behind which in my mind is worse!"

Vicky Mary added: "If the Government want to make money bring back dog licences. I for one would pay £150 a year to keep my dog. There wouldn’t be less unwanted dogs, maybe less crime with animals, then the money could be used to employ dog wardens?"

Chris Alston said: "Many people’s health is improved greatly by walking their dog in the countryside, parks and along our beaches.

"I sincerely hope there isn’t a total ban on dog walking in most of the areas suggested.

"Keeping the dogs on leads is surely a more sensible option?"

Sonia Richards added: "Rather than banning certain locations, how about banning people letting their dogs defecate outside our doors and gates?

"There is no enforcement in Wirral. I lived in Brighton where regulations were much stricter.

"The amount of dog muck on public pathways in residential areas is horrendous!

"Approaching a person to ask them to pick up their dog mess often leads to a torrent of abuse and threats.

"How about making it illegal to walk a dog without the means to clear up it's muck i.e. mandatory to have bags and to take it home to dispose of it!"

Cecilia Alston added: "There are a lot of responsible dog owners, but sadly there are a lot that are not.

"It's these people that need the restrictions imposing on them. Most places have dog bins and it costs nothing to clean up after your pet.

"It's a shame that some of the places that are nice to walk your dog are going to be out of bounds."

The council said the Ipsos Mori Residents Survey carried out in 2017 found dog fouling to be ;very important' to Wirral residents.

The report said: “Area cleanliness is a key driver to local area satisfaction and also of the Council representing value for money, so it is important to understand what shapes perceptions of litter issues.

“Dog fouling comes out as the top issue across the board, with all constituencies bar Wirral West naming it as the top issue in their area.”

The report also added that the number of dog attacks in the borough has risen in recent years – from 23 in 2012 to 170 in 2017. The council said the 2018 figure is even higher – with 18 attacks between April and July alone.

It said: “Members of all parties will also be aware that this is an issue which prompts hundreds of complaints from residents every year, either direct to the Council, on social media, through the local press or through Member surgeries and community outreach.

“These proposals are a key part of our response to this feedback, and a genuine effort to keep defined areas of Wirral’s parks, beaches and open spaces completely free of dog fouling and dog nuisance.”

Read the full list of locations proposed here.