I FELT compelled to respond to a letter in the January 2 issue of the Globe.

The letter writer is a dog-walker who asks "why the Plymyards, Eastham, footballers don't respect the use of bins and refrain from throwing their plastic bottles all over the field after a game?

"It's a sight I see often."

I have to say, as the manager of one of the teams who uses this facility - Wirral Vets - I am, frankly, appalled at this letter

There are two sides to Plymyards and around eight pitches in total.

On a Saturday, our pitch is immaculate both before and after the game.

I defy the writer to find any plastic bottles anywhere on our pitch as every one of these is removed before we go in to change.

I should know as I'm the last one in.

In addition, the changing area and bins outside are never overflowing with rubbish.

Unless the rubbish is on the larger field opposite and is being left by the Saturday teams or Sunday morning youth teams, I am at a loss to account for all this invisible rubbish.

V Clarke by email