MY wife and I are recipients of the Wirral Globe and thank you for it.

We find it an excellent and informative publication, for which you are to be congratulated.

Thank you again.

The reason for me contacting you as well as to give the above plaudits is to ask if I can have a request for information published in the paper, perhaps before memories become time lapsed.

My father was born in Wallasey in 1912 and for some time was a member of the "OBC", where he won the Johnston Cup for Sedgwick House between 1928 and 1931.

He was also presented with a cup for the Head Boy on which the inscription says "presented by The Misses Johnston."

In 1930-31, he received a silver medal for Sedgwick House and then in 1931-32 for Evans House.

My guess is that the "OBC" refers to Oakdale Boys Club and I presume it was established in the building on the corner of Oakdale and Gorsedale Roads which, I believe, was built by a Mr Johnston as a Methodist Chapel.

However, of the Boys' Club or the references to the houses of Sedgwick and Evans I can find no records in the libraries, Wirral Archives, newspapers of the time or anywhere so far.

My father was Bill Parsons for a long time captain of the New Brighton Baptist football team and his younger brother Fred was also a member of the "OBC".

Would any of your readers recognise these names or places?

I would love to know.

Bruce Parsons. Bebington