RESIDENTS of a newly-built housing estate are angry at the “atrocious” state of its roads – and say they want to now sell up and move because of it.

People living on the Mallory Park estate in Tranmere say they are unhappy developers Bellway Homes have not taken more action over the roads, which they say are bumpy, unfinished and have caused damage to multiple cars.

The estate only opened two years ago, and Sam Evanson, who moved onto the estate shortly after that, said: “For the last five months, it’s been atrocious. The roads are bumpy and the grids are really high-rise.

“It does make me angry as it’s a new estate and they should be in a better state. We have complained to Bellway and they have done nothing about it.

“They have left the roads unfinished and the grids are that high it’s caused damage to at least three cars that I know of.

“Others have had £100s worth of damage to their vehicles and Bellway won’t offer compensation or fix the problem.”

Sam, 33, lives in the house with her partner, and said “over half” of people on the estate, which is situated off Ingleborough Road, Birkenhead, were in agreement about the situation, adding: “I would like Bellway to repair the roads as soon as possible.

“The issues we have had fixing problems like this have made us want to move – they’ve really brought up these feelings of wanting to go.

“I would never buy a new-build property again.”

Many of the problems centre around Memorial Drive, which is the route into the estate for most.

Fellow resident Adam Jackson, who moved to Mallory Park in October 2017, said: “The builders have been off-site for around 10 months now. The road is appalling and Bellway seem disinterested in resolving it.

“I have chased them on many occasions, a lot of the time you get ignored. From speaking with neighbours, Bellway’s standard response is ‘deal with your insurance company’.

“The feeling is they have taken our money and run.”

He said he was originally told one of the roads in question would be completed on December 18, then that the date had changed to three days later – but the work still didn’t happen. He asked again on Tuesday, but said he hasn’t received a response since.

Previously the site of Tranmere’s training ground, Mallory Park was built on the old pitches, which the club at the time said were sold to fund new facilities in Leasowe.

The 90-home scheme was controversial after opponents argued that as a memorial ground to 88 former Birkenhead Institute pupils, including war poet Wilfred Owen who died during the First World War, the area around Ingleborough Road should have been preserved.

And it’s not the first time the estate has made the news in recent months – in December, controversial plans that would have seen residents banned from parking outside their homes were scrapped.

The council proposed introducing new strict enforcement on Tranmere Rovers matchdays at the nearby Prenton Park.

But a meeting of Wirral council’s highways and traffic representation panel last month ruled that the proposals would be scrapped.

Bellway Homes was contacted for comment about the state of the roads.