'GIGANTIC non-stop fun' best sums up this tremendous, splendidly-paced panto.

Strictly Come Dancing's Shirley Ballas gets my resounding vote with her sparkling debut performance as the fairy Mother Nature.

She glides into the role as if she has been winning over panto audiences all her life.

The charismatic Wallasey-born star would be welcome back swishing any of the UK's festive boards, I'm certain about that.

Her routines with John Evans as Simple Simon consistently hit the mark.

John is an accomplished performer, as shown with his spot-on comic timing.

His supermarket sketch, a scene with snatches of pop songs and a difficult tongue-twister are all highly- inventive.

Jack (Alex James Hatton) and Princess Apricot (Clair Gleave) are a delightful fine romantic couple who are a hit with the kids breathing new life into contemporary songs.

Dame Trott ('Taggart' as Simon says) is played with gusto by Iain Stuart Robertson notably in the 'he's behind you' sequence featuring a huge rat.

Daniel Taylor's Fleshcreep is another success for this talented local star who relishes the baddie tag this time around.

Full marks to the Liverpool Empire Babes and the live five- piece band.

A delightful Dr Dolittle-styled song with the animals is charming.

The costumes are top-notch throughout.

Choreographer David Woods gets the best out of the energetic ensemble and veteran director Bob Tomson keeps it all running along smoothly from start to fizzing finish.

There is real art in controlled chaos.

And producers QDos Entertainment have come up trumps with a stunning 3D film where we are taken into the Giant’s lair.

Real visual value for money. 3D Specs appeal.

This wonderful diversion caused real shrieks of delight from children and adults alike.

Jack and the Beanstalk is an out and out joy.

It will ensure you leave the theatre with a massive, merry smile on your face.

Globe verdict

Scales new heights in Panto - five stars

The show's run ends on January 6

Tickets from 08448713017