A POPULAR high-street supermarket has funded a new warehouse and equipment for the Wirral Foodbank.

Asda's Fight Hunger Create Change initiative has provided funding for the organisation to buy a weight pallet lifter which will streamline the process of sorting donations and another warehouse.

Centre manager at Wirral Foodbank, Richard said: "It's absolutely invaluable to have Asda on board and help us with the big costs we face that perhaps people aren't aware of.

"It's made a significant different to us and will really help us, particularly over the very busy Christmas period.

"We already had two warehouses but, from our experiences last year, that's not sufficient to hold all the donations we get in at Christmas.

"We were overwhelmed by stock last year, when we received more than 30 tons in just three or four weeks, so badly needed additional space.”

Wirral Globe:

With 15 centres across the borough, Wirral Foodbank have predicted that 110 tons of food will be given out to around 13,000 people in the local community this year.

Several of the Asda stores including Bromborough, Arrowe Park, Liscard and Birkenhead have permanent ‘Fight Hunger Create Change’ collection points for Wirral Foodbank in store.

Helen-Louise, community champion at Asda Bromborough, told the Globe: "The whole idea of the Fight Hunger funding is that it's not just a sticking plaster – it will help organisations like Wirral Foodbank improve their infrastructure.

"We've helped this foodbank for several years and demand keeps growing year on year.

"We're always more than happy to help out in any way we can, and it's great that they've been helped out by the funding too."

Find out more about Asda’s Fight Hunger Create Change campaign here: https://www.asda.com/fight-hunger