THESE are the grim images from inside the “dirty” Indian restaurant and takeaway describing itself as Wallasey’s best.

Chutneys in Liscard Village has been warned by council environmental health inspectors after being given a hygiene rating of ‘one’ following an inspection on August 13.

During the visit, officials found a variety of issues including staff not using the hand wash basin, cooked rice and meat being left out at room temperature, and a lack of cleaning.

The report, which indicates “major improvement necessary” was hugely critical of the restaurant, with several of the breaches the same as the previous inspection.

The report found the following:

There was either no cleaning schedule, one that was insufficient, or one that was not being followed.

None of the staff used the hand wash basin, and there was no soap or hand-drying materials.

Containers of cooked rice and meat were left out at “room temperature”, and it was unclear to inspectors how long they had been out.

Inspectors found a large amount of uncovered food left out at room temperature, including buckets of raw lamb, a container of raw prawns and containers of samosas, cauliflower and fish. It said “similar matters” were also highlighted at the last inspection.

Disinfectant was not “immediately available” as it was stored in the seating area. These issues were also similar to the first inspection.

Taps, plugs, light switches, door handles and more “hand contact points” were “dirty and sticky”.

The firm was told its walk-in chiller, microwave, rice storage bin and food storage containers for items such as spices an poppadoms “must be cleaned and disinfected”.

Chopping boards were “heavily stained”, with inspectors recommending they are replaced.

The standard of cleaning the fridges, freezers, sinks, work benches and more was “poor”. The report added: “There was evidence of a build-up of grease, dust, in-ground dirt, debris, and discarded items.”

There was peeling paint and missing floor tiles, with the latter exposing “dirty” concrete.

“Unwanted items” were being stored outside the kitchen door.

It added that staff at the Liscard restaurant were “clearly not working to the same procedures and practices”.

Describing itself on its website as the “best Indian restaurant in Wallasey”, Chutneys says it provides a choice of meals “for every taste with traditional flavours”, or in other words, the “taste of real Indian food”.

But the inspector’s report, revealed in a Freedom of Information request to Wirral Council, told the eatery: “It is disappointing to note that despite written warnings that were sent following previous inspections you are still failing to address or maintain standards.

“As the advice from previous inspections does not seem to have been addressed and/or maintained this has impacted on the score that can be given in this category.

“If you wish to improve your score it is important that you follow the advice contained in this report, particularly in reference to those matters listed as legal requirements, and then continue to maintain those standards between inspections.”

It recommended that with the restaurant open seven nights a week, it would be “difficult” for staff to ensure thorough and adequate cleaning could be done, adding: “You must ensure staff are given scheduled and regular periods for cleaning to be undertaken.”

When contacted for a response, owner Shah Ripon insisted that hygiene standards are now back to where they should be.

Mr Ripon told the Globe: “We would like to reassure all our customers that food safety and hygiene is of paramount importance.

“And for this reason we have worked with our staff and local cleaning company to ensure standards are back to where they should be.

“Environment officer Karen has been here again as a formal visit and she was satisfied and suggested to apply for new star rating visit and gave us confidence we can get between 4* and 5*.

“We are now in the process of re applying for a new star rating and we have every confidence that this hard work and improvements will be rewarded.