COMEDIAN and broadcaster Sean Styles tells Globe columnist Peter Grant why he is thrilled to be in such good company at the Floral Pavilion next month for its tenth birthday party.

Sean Styles is just one of a galaxy of local stars in a variety show called 10 Years of Music and Laughter celebrating the theatre’s shows since its grand re-opening in 2008.

And Kirkby-born Sean is marking ten successful years himself in his own career presenting his morning programme on BBC Radio Merseyside.

He has actually been at the station more than 20 years having shared a show with fellow comedian Willie Miller for five years.

Now his Monday to Friday mix of music and topical interviews is a big hit with audiences of all ages.

Sean, who won the Liverpool Pub Comedian of the Year in 1986, told the Globe: "I love my radio show - it's the listeners who make it work for me. You simply couldn't script what they come up with.

"I always say 'I'm glad you're with me and I really mean it'.

"In my daily two-and-half hour show I often interview the stars many of whom I have idolised who will be playing the Floral - some for the first time - and I know actors, comedians and musicians look forward to visiting this great welcoming part of Wirral.

"I am a fan of the Pavilion and New Brighton - old and new."

Sean, who has worked alongside some of the Clubland greats from The Drifters to The Searchers and Marty Wilde, says he has so many happy memories appearing at the Floral especially in pantomime with the late Micky Finn.

He laughs" "On one occasion in Babes in the Wood we came off stage after a scene and Lesley Butler - actress wife of Billy - had played a practical joke on us and completely cleared out our dressing room and filled it with dry ice.

"We had to go back on choking of smoke ... the audience thought it was part of the act.

"How can you forget something like that? I remember it with such great affection every time I'm in there.

"I have also enjoyed celebrating the work of KIND - Kids in Need and Distress - with their anniversary shows.

"You always get a warm response from New Brighton audiences."

Sean says he recalls one special nostalgic aspect of the old Pavilion building.

"I remember the bar, of course, but for its incredible photos on the walls of the people who had played there - real legends.

"It was a 'who's who' of showbiz greats - including the much-missed Ken Dodd."

Sean is one of the celebrities who has supported the theatre in the past and he has nothing but praise for the people joining him on stage for the December 13 party.

"What a varied list of performers: The fantastic guitarist Gary Murphy and his band will provide the musical backbone.

"There’s my great mate Ricky Tomlinson who loves the place as much as I do.

"Elvis Clayton will be there. He is, for me, the best Presley act around and believe me I've seen a lot.

"The talented Fennah Brothers - Rob and Alan will be wearing their Alternative Radio hats and there's fabulous singer-songwriter Jade Thunder

"And, of course, Billy Kinsley of Merseybeats and Liverpool Express."

Sean says he will be doing good old fashioned stand-up.

"I am like Doddy - what you call 'old school', but I don't do five hours like Ken did."

Sean says the Pavilion audience are well known for being warm and generous.

"I think they are in for a real cracking night," he says.

"It's the type of line-up I would pay to go and see.

"So here's to the next twenty, thirty, forty and fifty years of music and laughter – Floral Pavilion style."

New Brighton Floral Pavilion on December 13

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