PUBLIC consultation on plans to save £45m from the council's budget in the next financial year will take place once proposals are announced by cabinet later this month.

The authority says savings are needed as it faces up to a "perfect storm" of Government cuts and spiralling demand for local services caused by what it called a sustained programme of austerity driven by Central Government since 2010.

The budget proposals would see the council cut £1.5m from the cost of senior council management, and encourage 'unprecedented investment and regeneration' in the borough.

Cllr Janette Williamson, cabinet member for finance and resources, said the authority would invest major resources into services for vulnerable children and families and to protect those that are most important to Wirral residents.

Cabinet will discuss the Budget proposals on Monday, November 26 at 10am, with the meeting webcast live from the council website.

Should the proposals be agreed, a public consultation will start in December and run through to the end of January.

She added: "This situation, if we don't tackle it now, will only get worse over the next 18 months as the Government take the final steps towards removing central financial support to Councils like Wirral.

"Today, we receive a Grant of £33m a year to help run our services. In 2020, we will receive zero.

"Since austerity began in 2010, we have lost a substantial amount of funding and Government support.

"Their austerity programme is unnecessary, ideologically driven and counterproductive.

"It has forced local authorities such as Wirral to make difficult decisions, whilst at the same time having to meet increased demand for our services as a result of austerity.

"The proposals Cabinet will meet to consider almost bring us to a balanced budget position for the coming year and put us on a much more stable financial footing for the next four years.

"While none of us want to be in this situation, where we are forced to cut money from our budget, nonetheless I believe we should all be proud to have achieved this without cutting services, without making a single compulsory redundancy and while investing huge resources into our services for vulnerable children and families.

"Wirral Council will balance its budget in the face of austerity, and has acted responsibly and prudentially in its financial decisions.

"We have also met our responsibilities to our workforce, through implementing the full pay award plus an additional 1 per cent.

"We also have adopted a new Community Wealth Building strategy, to help make sure growth in the economy is felt by all our residents."