"HOW hard can it be?"

Mark Kermode always asked that question when he picked up a musical instrument.

This is a show based on his new book called How does it feel? A life of musical adventures.

The fact is he's actually achieved a lot in music.

Just as he makes cinema reviewing look easy his attitude to taking on any instrument is uplifting in its simplicity: don’t give up.

I can relate to that adage.

I once played the xylophone with my school at Liverpool's Philharmonic Hall when I was ten – no one asked me to take it any further.

Ahh ... to think with a little encouragement I could have been up there with Mark.

For Mark, growing up in Barnet he was inspired by Slade, Bowie and a gig by Showaddywaddy in the Isle of Man.

He saw an advert for the Stylophone and was hooked.

On stage he played the famous hit Telstar on it and it was a magical nostalgic moment.

Mark made his own guitar then played double bass in bands as illustrated with great pics and videos.

A clip of Mark with Danny Baker's TV house band showed a classic number with Lloyd Grossman on a Kinks classic.

And then there was Mark conquering Glastonbury – the gigs got bigger and better.

He was joined on stage by mentor Henry Priestman of Yachts and The Christians fame.

The two dueted on a sublime acoustic version of Teen Angel.

He even taught a lady from the audience to play the harmonica.

After the interval more snapshots from his varied career including memories of Merseyside on an ill-fated Royal Iris booking.

During a question and answers he talked of his love for Dolly Parton and Abba.

More smashing revelations.

This was Mark Kermode away from the reviewing chair – with strings attached.

A joyous evening in the company of a man who is living proof off that you should never hang up on your dreams

He played another duet with Don't you love me no more, then left the stage with guitar and arm aloft.

How hard can it be?

Mark, you are a pop star.

Sparkling musical memoirs - five stars

Mark's book is it out now on www.oriononbooks.co.uk